Now stocking in the bottle shop: Colonial Brewing Co. Margaret River​’s Kolsh and Small Ale. Colonial Brewing Company are craft brewers doing some very cool things. These beers aren’t readily available so now that you know where to find them, why not come in to CY’s bottleshop and try one for yourself?

“Small Ale is big on taste and a refreshing brew at that. Like a punch up the nose with a tangerine Small Ale is full of citrus aromatics owing to its extended contact with New World hops. Soft in bitterness, and carrying cheeky hints of sweet caramelise malt this brew has a copper ruby tint in the sunlight, Small Ale is only 3.5% abv and is responsibly delicious.”

“Pale gold in colour, Colonial Draught shows hints of lemon sorbet and is complimented by a subtle background of passionfruit and green herb. The nose flows to the palate which is tight, spotlessly clean, fresh, zesty and focussed, delivering a very approachable beer. 4.8% ABV”


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